After-Sales Service

After-sales service is a service that offers kinds of activities only after sold the products. By after-sales service, we aim to let our customers have better use experiences and enjoy goods well, which we believe that will contribute to our company reputation`s establishment.

After-sales service is the most important step of after-sales, and its level will influence customer satisfaction. Today, market competition become fierce, and with the change of customers consume opinions, customers not only value the product itself, but also pay more attention on the good after-sales services, based on the same quality and performance of same products.

What can we do about after-sales service, together with our factories?

1.    installation and debugging.

2.    according to customer`s requirements, give use or other relative technical guide.

3.    Guarantee supply of repairs spare parts

4.    Maintenance service

5.    Deal with complaints from customers, respond customer`s questions, and give relative improvement measures.

Especially note for Navigation light

1.    Zero cost to replace or refix the light within one year because of electric fault.

Refix work can be finished within 3 days and original working condition is guaranteed.

2.    Only material cost charged within three years because of electric fault.

Refix work can be finished within 7 days and original working condition is guaranteed

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